Improvisation show The Hague (Shawn Kinley)


The show: 'Director's Cut'

A comedy improv show with wellknown Canadian improv actor Shawn Kinley. One chance only to see him in The Hague. 
The show will give you improvised stories, based on your own suggestions. What was your experience when you came to The Hague? Do you have an interesting hobby? Are there interesting characters in your circle of friends? Anything can happen! Inspired by Keith Johnstone's "Life Game".

The show will feature 4 director's including Shawn Kinley. Every director will show their movie, based on suggestions from the audience. 

Together with Shawn, some experienced players can perform in the show. Number of improvisers needed for the format: 6-8

For only 15 euro's you will have a wonderfull evening, including a free drink.

Costs:        15 euro

Date:          Saturday 14th of Octobre

                  Workshop: 15:00 - 17:30 (Mail me for more info!)

(Theater open at 14:30)
                  Show:        20:00 - 22:15

Location:    Theater in de Steeg, Westeinde 165, Den Haag


Reservation via this form:

Workshop:  "Playfulness, misbehaving and taking initiative"

Wolves learn to hunt by playing. Apes learn their social structure through playful status interaction. Human children take risks and learn languages, and technical skills faster than most adults because they are not glued to the rules. If we allow ourselves to break the rules we get to our own unique way of learning, and creating. Why then are most improvisers so intent on "getting" and sticking to the rules?

The workshop will be between 14:30 - 17:00.

You can participate in the workshop if you have followed at least one course of improvisation. It will be in english. 

Costs of the workshop are 40 euro, including a free ticket for the show in the evening (only for personal use). Signing up via:

About Shawn

Shawn Kinley

For over 30 years Shawn Kinley has been performing and teaching in various countries on every continent. (52 countries at last count). With a background in Mime, Mask, Physical Theatre and Improvisation, Shawn brings a mix of styles and tools from many influences for all skill levels and backgrounds. He is based in Canada at The Loose Moose Theatre where he performs, directs, teaches and creates when he isn't touring 9 months of the year. Shawn has worked directly with Keith Johnstone for more than 20 years and has taught in the National Theatres and Operas of Iceland, Norway, Slovenia and Scotland. He has lectured and taught at Universities in Cambridge and Oxford and consulted with businesses in Tokyo and NewYork . His belief that improvisation enriches everyone is deepened by his involvement with Physicists in Israel, therapists in Newcastle and the military of Norway to name a few non-performace fields he has been asked to work with. Shawn has developed numerous formats that are played by improvisers on a regular basis. His ongoing relationship as long term teacher and director in Norway and Peru's Improvisation community, Finland's Stjarnfall and returning Artistic Director of Dubai's Courtyard puts a smile on his face every time he returns to continue his participation in the family that is the global Improvisation community.