Improvisation show The Hague (Ali & Quinn 2016)


The show: 'Is that My life?'

A comedy improv show with two wellknown Canadian improv actors, Ali & Quinn. One chance only to see them in The Hague. 
The show will give you improvised stories, based on your own suggestions. What was your experience when you came to The Hague? Do you have an interesting hobby? Are there interesting characters in your circle of friends? Anything can happen! Inspired by Keith Johnstone's "Life Game".

The show features 2 acts. The first half we take an audience member on stage and interview them about their life, giving them permission to lie, or say no to any questions that make them uncomfortable, we then improvise scenes based on what they've shared.

In the second half, we will do the same with Improv players, but with some twists ;-)
Together with Ali and Quinn, some experienced players can perform in the show. Number of improvisers needed for the format: 6-8

For only 15 euro's you will have a wonderfull evening, including a free drink.

Costs:        15 euro

Date:           Sunday 2nd of Octobre.

                      Workshop: 14:00 - 17:00 (Mail me for more info!)
                      Show:        20:00 - 22:15

Location:    Theater in de Steeg, Westeinde 165, Den Haag


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Workshop:  "Narratively Impaired"

The narrative structure is a secret weapon in improvisation. Knowing how to harness it will ensure success in every scene. That’s right, every scene.
To create a well-rounded captivating story on the spot will surely leave the audience thinking you are a spy, a superhero, or a god. Come join the badassery of Ali Froggatt and Quinn Contini on their quest of narrative perfection whilst failing happily on the way.

In this workshop we will work on:
-  Platform exploration
-  Using well developed platforms to create well formed narratives
-  Commitment to story and narrative form
-  Reading the audience's mind (YES!)

No matter the format you are playing, or who accompanies you on stage, an understanding of narrative structure will consistently lead to stronger stories told.

The workshop will be between 14:00 - 17:00.

You can participate in the workshop if you have followed at least one course of improvisation. It will be in english.

Costs of the workshop are 40 euro, including a free ticket for the show in the evening.
Signing up via:

About Ali and Quinn


Ali Froggatt is a graduate of Randolph Academy for Performing Arts (Toronto) and a senior company member at Loose Moose Theatre where she performs weekly as well as runs their youth training program. In 2014 Ali started her own Theatre Company Sour Dog Theatre which produces Missed Connections, a Calgary Fringe Improv hit. She can't wait to get her booty across the pond this month to learn, teach, perform, and share her passion for improvisation in Norway, Dubai, Holland and back home to Vancouver on her first International Impro tour. 

Quinn Contini: The year was 2008. Due to a fortunate series of laughter and inspiration, Quinn found himself improvising at Loose Moose Theatre. He then joined the ranks of Rapid Fire Theatre in 2014, and is currently a senior member of both companies. Improv credits include: Off Book – The Improvised Musical, Kill Hard – The Improvised Action Movie, writer and performer for Marv’n Berry Sketch, instructor for the University of Alberta Improv Group (2014 – 2016), and current improv teacher at the Foote Theatre School. As a pair Quinn and Ali have been working together since they were 16 years old (7 years on stage together!). They both began their training at Loose Moose Theatre in their High School Improv League. Their strengths are in creating narrative and relationships on stage- which you can benefit from in the workshop and show.